Top Browser Game Development Studios

Top Browser Game Development Studios

As we all know browser base game are most demanding nowadays whether is for desktop or mobile.
Everybody want to play game games on multiple devices and browser game is the best option. Same time to find out best browser games developer is bit complicated task as each one need quality in best price. 

Genieee is one of the Top Browser Game Development Studios worldwide, more than 10 year of experience in providing best quality game development.

The company’s research and development department experiments with new technology for tomorrow’s browser games, ensuring that the company continues to set trends in the future. As working we have build games on many categories like Puzzle & Strategy Games, Action & Arcade Games, Educational & Sports Games and much more. 

We are using latest html5 technology which are more compatible to all kind of devices. Our expert team regularly do research on new technology try to provide best mobile browser games to our client.
to fulfill their requirement.

Being a Top Browser Game Development Studios we have done everything possible to streamline the development process and give you all the resources you need to get started, meaning there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Educational Game Development in HTML5 - Genieee

educational html5 games

Kids likes to play games and they enjoy it lots. And from this fun if kids learn something I think that would be the great idea. Nowadays learning from gaming and entertainment media is in boom and it will help student to learn new concept fast.

Math oriented, General Knowledge or any language learning base games will help student to learn all these subject just as a fun.

Our games development team well qualified to develop  re-defined the concept of dispensing high quality education to young minds. Smartphone and internet based education too caters to the preferences of young adults.

With Genieee, we help stakeholders in the education sector to scale up quickly to meet at these newer avenues so that the entire process of education remains as engaging in the face of shifting user preferences and shorter attention span.

Genieee has expertise in developing educational games by using advanced HTML5 techniques. Which can works all mobile and desktop.These games assist the users in experiencing simplified learning while retaining the excitement that the player would want. Working in tandem with the changing trends, Genieee makes gesture controlled games that are high on interactivity and more gripping. Genieee ensures that games deployed by us are compatible with different screen sizes across all mobile and tablet platforms.

How to make your business successful

How to run business

When people planning to start any business they prefer the business in which they are expert or have great knowledge, like carpenter start a furniture business, a barber start a barber shop, a account start charterer accountant office etc. but I think the person who don't have knowledge about that profession in that only he can do better business. As he more concentrate on business expansion and its running other than to increase expertise in that product only. He can hire expert person and manage productivity. Many successful business person follow the same rule other than taking whole control of production. Yes, he can monitor and suggest any loop hole and that also much to make any business successful.

The global truth is that selling and marking is main key of any business. If you are not have much expertise in your production but you have great command on selling your product definitely can do better business other than the well qualified competitor of same product.

As we know many backer shop can cook well pizza than McDonald but still McDonald doing great business globally and has great revenue than those who has well expertise in making pizza.

Selling of your product will not be big deal if we find out target audience, their needs, their expectation and demand. Once you find out these details lets concentrate on how to convince them to buy your product or add such stimulation that your product automatically come in their mind first. Advertising can play main role in that but I would suggest add your product in audience habits, like by taking their fear factor in granted or any current generation need. Many company use doctor advice kind of thing and in many cases it successful.

About marketing, online marketing can play main role like non-sale oriented blog writing which create more interest of audience and people like to read them, by this process you can advertise your product indirectly if you make direct appeal it will become boar idea and people don't like it. make your story systematically well plan.

I have read a book where given important of asset where we can invest and get money back. About my business ( as mobile entertainment market is in boom now days specially mobiles games. we can consider this also an option. From this business we can earn money from advertisement or in game purchases.

Choosing business which increase your revenue is totally depend on how you think about it. If you want to become expertise in all area of business your business will not run as smooth as it should be.
Better you concentrate on any one area and let others do their work.

Genieee - License HTML5 games‎

License HTML5 games‎

Genieee licensing best html5 games which can works on many modern platform like smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. You can buy well design and tested games from genieee and use for your portal.

Genieee allows our client to buy distribution license. You buy the complete game files, plus the rights to host the games. Even we give discount on bulk order, please visit our site or contact on

All games of ours you can easily upload on your server and make money from ads.

Each games of our fully tested on multiple devices several times by our expert testing team. So, that we can provide quality product to our client.

Reskining of ready build game is also a good idea and cost also not much compare to totally new game. If you are planning to make reskin please let us know.

Upon a successful purchase, our team can assist you with adding your own splash screen and logos.

Genieee has been nominated for India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2017! is the research group is part   of   Benchmark   Trust has nominated Genieee for India5000 Best MSME awards 2017
Genieee got India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2017!

About India5000 Awards is the research group is part of Benchmark Trust, which is creating a platform by doing research and recognition for 5000 best MSME in quality output.

    India's Biggest Business Awards & National level recognition
    5000 awards to be awarded to the MSME and individual contributors in the sectors
    The awards selection process follows a research methodology
    Entries and nominations are shortlisted and judged by TQV as the process reviewer, a jury panel comprising eminent personalities from various Industries

html5 game development company

html5 game development company

HTML5 Game Development Company

Genieee is well experienced in delivering highly customized html5 game development service to clients from all over the world. With in-depth experience in creating intuitive & engaging mobile games, our expert game developers develop and present the content in the most impressive manner.

Contact us on for more details

Mobile Game Development 

Our experience game developers  are well qualified on the latest technology to deliver best quality product to our client. We would prefer best html5 framework as per client's requirement so that the product which we deliver are compatibility with multiple screens

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Top Mobile Game (HTML5) Developers in India

Top Mobile Game (HTML5) Developers in India

Nowadays, mobile game industries need such games which will run well on all kinds of devices and operating systems, HTML5 comes as a fruitful solution. The games developed in HTML5 may not need any kind of extra software or special plug-ins. It would be a wonderful platform to develop games.

Genieee is one of India’s leading html5 mobile game developers. Founded in 2002, it provides a range of game development services to the games industry across the globe. The company has already worked on over 100 titles across a wide range of platforms and genres.

With our best designing and development skill we have delivers amazing games and apps for the mobile platform.The company hones its expertise in various 2D and 3D games which include multiplayer games, sports, education and kids, casino and card games, arcade and action games, puzzle and dice games, real time and strategic games, and others. All these makes us top most html5 game development company in India.

Genieee is also a mobile app and game development company with a global vision. It provides value to clients in the form of enthralling, fascinating, and addictive games. With a team of mobile game developers that are par excellence, the company has developed some of the most exciting games available on the Internet today.