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Genieee is a best place where you can get highly-addicting games for multiple devices. Our game development team and gaming experts creatively integrate all latest user-friendly features in games which makes game more and more interesting. You will get lots of varieties in our game portfolio as we have covered various genres in game development.

Our game development process is designed in a way that we can develop an engaging game with interesting gameplay and soothing soundtrack for attracting more and more gamers.

In a dedicated game studio, our developers use the cutting-edge gaming tools for reducing time and cost of game development significantly

With this Genieee provides very affordable and addicting html5 games.

We provide best quality HTML5 games which will run on multiple devices. We are offering bulk order discount as well.

html5 games with bulk discount

Discount up to 50% on bulk order html5 games

Genieee is best game development service provider, Our high quality games works on smartphones, tablets and deskstop.

In any kind of game development support and service from developer side is very important. Because client has clear idea about the concept and implementation while development many such thing arises which need to solve with proper communication and dedication.

And we are proud to tell you Genieee try to provide best game development service regarding all these.

We providing up to 50% discount on bulk html5 game purchases now. This is limited types of offer

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HTML5 game licensing with Genieee 

Do you have requirement of great quality HTML5 games? Genieee is here for all your need.
We are totally focused on mobile browsers and we are ready to provide high quality HTML5 games.

Why Genieee for game licensing?

  • Screen Friendly Display : Our each game are fully tested and scale as per the mobile screen.
  • High quality graphics: We use very impressive graphics in our games. Which will attract the user to play game again and again.
  • Cross-Platform support : We have taken special care to ensure cross-platform functionality across PC and mobile.
  • Capable to publish native games: Our games are capable to publish as native application as per our client demand.
  • Our approach : Genieee's approach is to provide the very best level of creative HTML5 game development services at very reasonable prices

We have game ready for both kind of licencing exclusive and non-exclusive. We ready to customize our games as per our customer demand like adding advertisement, adding logo, changing graphics, adding new levels, translate game text in another languages etc.

You can license any of our listed games or hire us to produce custom HTML5 games from scratch.
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Learning and Development with Genieee

Genieee realizes that by continuously developing and training associates, an organization can acquire the core competencies needed for competitive advantage.

We are always looking for a new talent and strong skill which will help us to produce better and quality product for our client.

Taking a long-term planning horizon into consideration, Genieee has taken initiatives to develop both technical & managerial talent.

HTML5 game development with Genieee

Game development in HTML5 is most demanding nowadays as it can work on mobile devices and decks top as well. This technology keep on mature day by day and we are ready to give you best service in html5 game development.

We at Genieee Studios, one of the best game development companies in India, have been working out to build a strong HTML5 game development muscle. From native HTML5 game without any inbuilt framework to already build framework like Phaser etc. we have all kind of experience.

Our HTML5 game development team always ready to takes challenges from new and latest technology to give our client remarkable services. We also provide complete support to our client for smooth execution of the project. which sets us apart.

As all know flash games was very popular so we provide the conversion of flash games to html5 games. So that all our clients requirement get fulfill.

All browsers compatible html5 games: Our expertise always struggling to make such game which can smoothly able to play on any modern browsers.

An expert HTML5 developers: We have very well trained expertise who has strong knowledge of the HTML5 game engine architecture, its performance and management.

On time delivery: We try our level vest to give you best game with all your requirement on time.

Unity game development with Genieee

Unity 3D is best mobile game development tool. Parallelly, Unity performs brilliantly in miscellaneous platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Xbox360 etc.Now development in unity can produce brilliant work in minimum time.

Genieee is very experienced studio in mobile game development, with our expertise in unity 3D game development we can deliver a best product ever. We offer a complete ecosystem required for developing and deploying a sublime gaming experience for the gamers with architectural visualizations , and interactive media installations in a cross platform environment.

Our highly skilled Unity3D game developers, try to give your game a magical touch.

Our best Unity 3D Services which makes us unique 

Genieee has successfully created its good demand in the domain of 3D and 2D game as the best Unity3D Game Development Studio in the field of cross mobile app development.

Experienced developers:Our developer has strong knowledge in Unity engine architeture,Optimization, Perfromance which helps us to give you quality product.

Mobile Development: We can develop awesome games which are very much compatible to maximum smart phones. Our development team is capable to build game as per all your game requirement.

Genre of Games:

We Specialize in Developing Games for the Following Game Genres-

3D and 2D Sports & Racing Games
3D and 2D Adventure & Action Games
3D and 2D Strategy & Word Games
3D and 2D Board, Card, Casino & Dice Games
3D and 2D Arcade Games
3D and 2D FPS & Fight Games
3D and 2D Maze & Puzzle Games
3D and 2D Education & Learning Games
3D and 2D Kids & Family Games

Game Examples 

Awesome Drive

Commando Attack

HTML5 game development

Our HTML5 game development team consistently conducts research on the latest technology & gaming strategy to remain abreast with the current trends in the market and deliver remarkable services. Our HTML5 game development expertise provides best technology and engine which works in multiple mobile and dekstop screens. Genieee Studio is experienced in dealing with the specific issues that appear when optimizing performance, memory usage and other aspects of HTML5/Web implementation on desktop and mobile devices.