Christmas offer on HTML5 Game Development Services

Christmas offer on HTML5 Game Development Services

A interactive HTML5 game in this holiday season can easily appeal a worthy number of visitors if it put on visually attractive design and fun oriented concept. Even the player who occasionally visit the site would come again and again. During the festival seasons it will be great if you add new html5 games in your website will create good impression and increase number of visitors.

Christmas and new year is just about to come and it is an ideal time when you get special offers from the market. This Christmas offer comes just once in a year and we are going to offer discount in HTML5 game development, Action and arcade game development, Educational Game development, Multiplayer game development, Puzzle and Strategy Game Development, Sports game development and All kind of Unity base game development as well.

These offers make your festival special to celebrate. We are giving flat 30% discount in any game development which will simply raise your business with in the month of December and January. These special offers avails you to groom your business, make money through giant profits and switch this festival a delighted occasion for you. Key thing to keep in mind that offers is valid from 10th to 5th of the January.

Genieee  is one of the Top Browser Game Development Studios worldwide that has been serving some of the best quality and concept-driven gaming strategies for more than 15 years. Whether you craze for the fast-paced racing games, heart-pounding first person shooters, or edge-of-your-seat tower defense games, Genieee has to offer quite a diverse collection of games that would keep you on the toes with the unforeseen twists and twirls along the way.

Engaging and Intriguing – HTML 5 Game Development Studio

If you are Seeking Christmas discount for your online game development project, just connect with Genieee and we will serve you with an amazing Christmas offer for your development essentials.

So get up and catch our Christmas offers to make this carnival an exceptional involvement for you. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

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HTML5 and its Future

HTML5 and its Future
HTML5 and its Future 

In online gaming world Flash was in boom and suddenly Steve Jobs refused to incorporate Flash on any of Apple’s iOS devices, claiming the platform would be effectively dead within a matter of years, all developers was in worry of what happen next.  But today’s scenario is totally different HTML5 dominating marketplace, transforming the way we access the web.  So, what exactly is HTML5, and why has it proved so influential, particularly within the mobile gaming world?

What we call HTML5?

HTML5 is the latest iteration of Hypertext Markup Language, the code used to create pages and applications on the web with the help of this we can do animation, games and multiple app development as well. HTML5 compatibility is awesome it works across multiple platforms, from your tablet to your Smart TV; you don’t need additional plugins or APIs to run it, it allows creating games for both mobile devices and PCs,  vast and expanding society, game doesn’t have to be installed on device and, because HTML is open source, it doesn’t cost you a dollar.
Though HTML5 is not a programming language it delivers APIs for new solutions responsible for crucial components within game creation allowing them to run in the browser. HTML5 games can be very efficient and impressive.

As we can see now the gaming market, in particular, spotted the huge potential of HTML early on, with gambling websites proving the perfect arena to showcase the sublime simplicity and functionality of HTML5. Players can choose from thousands of seamless, interactive experiences, all at the touch of a button; they can live-stream blackjack games, take on the house at the roulette table, or play slots online at Mr Smith Casino through HTML5. What’s more, this platform is much more compatible with modern smartphones compared with older platforms like Flash, making games much more accessible, and easier to download and play. No surprise then, that over recent years, HTML5 has come to dominate the mobile gaming market.

The Future

The future of HTML5 game development is very bright. So many html5 games are releasing today, even some steam games are made with html5 (Curvatron on Steam). New html5 library are coming out most of the open sourced. I have played a real time multiplayer game that made in html5 stack. I know some html5 game developers they really made a good money buy developing game. I think developing game with html5 is really a good choice.

So, why has HTML5 become so important for mobile gaming? In a word: compatibility. HTML5 works across all browsers, from Amazon Silk to Firefox, and this “one size fits all” dynamic makes it a favorite with mobile game developers, who only have to design an app once for it to feature across all platforms. According to conservative estimates, HTML5 is now incorporated in nearly three-quarters of all mobile websites, easily outstripping competitors like Flash and CSS, and, with the clamor for HTML5 developers only getting louder, this trend isn’t likely to slow down any time soon.

In fact, many industry insiders expect HTML5 to monopolize the mobile gaming market in a little over five years, and, with Google following hot on the heels of Apple, announcing in July last year that they would no longer be supporting Flash-based tech in their ads, the writing is on the wall. No surprise then, that shortly after Google went public, Adobe made their own announcement, with Flash set to be consigned to the trash heap by 2020.

End of Flash

It very bad news for Flash lover that flash going to end completely , the much-loved multimedia platform, practically omnipotent on the web for close on two decades. We know HTML5 is totally new platform for gaming world and this just the beginning, and, as a constantly evolving, ever-changing medium, expect to see newer, more sophisticated and more robust versions in the years to come.

Unity game development with Genieee

Unity game development with Genieee
Unity game development with Genieee

In the recent fold of years, video games have become a rage in the pop culture. The fandom of the animated heroism has spilled over the barriers of age and gender. It has come a long way breaking barriers and stereotypes from being deterred as a nuisance to being revered as a tool of intellect. The state of gaming in the present era beguiles in every nook and cranny; may it be the age group, genre, or the trend of virtual gaming.

With such unflickering demand for quality and captivating video games from different sects of the populace, there emerges a vast opportunity for the gaming companies to push their envelopes and bring out the best to the table. In the current scenario of gaming biz, 3D gaming technology has by far surpassed the conventional art of game development and reached a commendable height innovating its way through creativity.

Apart from the real-time feel and high-quality appeal, another thing that wins over the customers is its ease of portability on multi-platforms. Featuring this quality of multi-platform supportability, Unity 3D is taking the virtual world by storm through its technological advances and unparallel innovation.

Unity 3D a robust game development framework facilitates the developers with one-time development and multi-platform deployment thus making the game accessible through different platforms, including mobile devices, web, consoles and even desktop applications. Furthermore, Unity 3D framework has equipped developers to indulge users with some great special effects like complex shadows, reflections, atmospheric effects and much more complex objects.
Unrivalled Features of Unity 3D Engine:
  • Sturdy workflow
  • 2D and 3D features
  • Build in animation tools
  • High-quality Special effects
  • Multi-platform accessibility
  • Effortless deployment
  • Fast Delivery
With such perks and high-class structure, Unity is becoming a hotshot cannon for gaming companies to crack their way in creating cult games. This bandwagon of developing Unity 3D games is led by one of India’s top gaming companiesGenieee.

Genieee has carved a vocation in developing high-quality games and has created a rage in the gaming industry with its latest outlet of enthralling 3D Unity games. Backed with a flourishing studio experience in mobile game developments Genieee has all the right tools to transform creative concepts into flawless and dynamic user experience.

Augmented with a crew of experienced game and graphic designers, strategists, 3D modelers, sound engineers, developers and marketing stalwarts, Genieee makes it to the most coveted list of top partners for devising massively engaging 3D games. Genieee offers a complete ecosystem required for developing and deploying a sublime gaming experience for the gamers with architectural visualizations, and interactive media installations in a cross-platform environment.

Genieee’s most compelling Unity 3D Services are summed up as:

Best in class technology: Genieee continuously researches and updates its gallery of technology to provide the best of gaming experience. With it’s in-depth expertise in Unity 3D engine, Genieee is painting the gaming world with mind boggling crafts.

Enviable pool of talent: Genieee’s highly skilled Unity3D game developers works with a team of designers and engineers to bring a magical touch to each game.

Unmatched Service: Genieee has climbed up the ladder of success by making its way through the good books of its clientele. Their work ethos not only focuses on acquiring new clients but equally emphasizes on retaining and entertaining the old ones.

Assistance from A to Z: Genieee walks the route with you right from conceptualization to implementation and upgradations and maintenance. Be it design, artwork, functionality or the music theme they create the best fuse of entertainments.

Domain Expertise: Genieee has a strong foothold over different frameworks and tools for developing customized and target oriented games.

Experienced developers: Genieee developers have a strong knowledge of Unity engine architecture, Optimization and Performance which helps in delivery state-of-the-art quality products.

Creative inputs: The team at Genieee actively participates in the rolling of a project and stimulate their creative brains to paint ideas for enhancement of your game.

Added to that, their unique concept of feel engineering creates an emotional urge for the gamers. Genieee incorporates this process in which they sketch the graph of game backward from emoting the feeling intended to evoke in the gamer and then moving towards the mechanics and the dynamics of the game itself.

Genieee has successfully created its good demand in the domain of 3D and 2D game as the best Unity3D Game Development Studio in the field of cross mobile app development. Their rich portfolio highlights a bunch of awesome games compatible with a range of smart-phones. Their highly trained development team is capable to develop games from scratch to accommodate a diverse range of requirements.

Genre of Games:

If you are looking for developing a game in any of the following Genres then Genieee is probably your best call for the work-
>>> Game Examples #Awesome Drive
As technology continues to evolve in a bolting speed, Genieee hones its skills to master the challenges of the future levels in the gaming industry. Be it the technological evolution or concept trends Genieee stands prepared to make its course through augmented reality, cloud gaming, web gaming, inde games and virtual reality gaming.

With such high stakes of the gaming industry, a delightful journey awaits for gaming master and creators to head towards an uncharted, unexplored territory that would unveil new mysteries and possibilities.

Engaging and Intriguing – HTML 5 Game Development Studio

HTML 5 Game Development Studio
HTML 5 Game Development Studio

All kind of HTML5 game development studio, HTML5 Indie game developer, Mobile optimized games for licensing -

The spry march of digital technology has ushered a radical transformation in the entertainment segment, the way it was perceived and consumed. The over dramatic daily soaps replaced by more relevant web series, the noisy news channels are muted for the tailored-to-taste news feed and child’s play time has shifted from the outdoor parks to the computer deck. With the heroic stunts and captivating sequences of the virtual world, browser games have taken the world by a thundering storm.

There is no two say that today’s ground breaking source of entertainment for the millennial is the craze for HTML5 games coupled with the captivating graphics, enchanting characters, and intriguing strategies that keeps the players glued to their screen. It’s not just the millennial infatuating over the flashy games and challenging strategies but even the adults can’t keep off these instantly addictive games.

With such a diverse palette of consumers and their manifold tastes, it creates a huge vent in the gaming world pushing the boundaries to create custom made game strategies that could address the appetite of the cohorts of different realms. The consumer today demands flexibility and portability of their favorite games which paves the way for HTML5 games to create waves across the globe.
Catering to this unflinching demand for more challenging, more interesting and more target oriented tailored gaming concepts we’ve witnessed quantum-shift levels of improvements in every aspect of the games from its audio/video quality to concepts over the past few years. Today, the web offers an ocean of gaming options right from educative, engaging, entertaining or challenging. From Barbie dressing to counter strike, crime scenes to investment puzzles there is a game for anything and everything.

Customers urge for choices of platform where in they can plug into their current level from any device, be it their smart phone, laptop or desktop. As such, HTML5 is unanimously favored by web developers and game developers as it provides cutting-edge features, of 2D and 3D graphics, audio APIs, offline asset storage, and combined support for the most popular web browsers. From online casinos to fun games, this mobility-friendly technology is just the perfect match for today’s game consumers.

Benefits of Developing Games in Html5

Cross Platform Accessibility:

HTML 5 offers the flexibility and portability of the games in multiple devices without a tweak in the code. It stands true to its promise of coding once and deploy everywhere that means the same piece of code would run on any device (hardware) and operating system (software).

Ease of Framework:

HTML 5 is the most preferred gaming tool for the versatility, flexibility and compatibility it offers that allows the developers to tap into uncharted territories with the best tools at disposal.

No plug-ins needed

Dodge the nagging pop ins requesting to download the plug-ins with HTML5 gaming engine. There’s no need for extra plug-ins in HTML5 as that of Flash or Unity. A brief preload is all it takes to boot the game.

It’s the future

HTML5 is not going anywhere anytime soon. With more and more elements getting adopted more and more companies will start to develop in HTML5.

 It is indeed the future.

Given these scintillating advantages of the budding platform more and more companies and game developers are making their way to learn and implement HTML5 in their books of code. Considering the market flooded with all the itsy-bitsy games, it becomes a daunting task to choose a high-quality brain stimulating concept of game that not just focus on engagement but actually delves deeper to hone the skills of strategic thinking, reflex reactions, decision making, confidence boosting and many such personality traits.

Creating an engrossing game is no amateur thing mastered in a day by the naive programmers binging on the html5 gaming tutorials but it is a piece of art created by experts of different talents who come together to paint the canvas. In the list of top Browser Game Development Studios Genieee secures an admirable position for its commendable work in developing and deploying HTML5 browser games leading the way for its competitors unveiling new possibilities of the arena.

Genieee  is one of the Top Browser GameDevelopment Studios worldwide that has been serving some of the best quality and concept-driven gaming strategies for more than 10 years. Whether you craze for the fast-paced racing games, heart-pounding first person shooters, or edge-of-your-seat tower defense games, Genieee has to offer quite a diverse collection of games that would keep you on the toes with the unforeseen twists and twirls along the way.

Genieee’s strategic masterminds behind each game focus on tantalizing the cognitive functioning of your brain by throwing unfathomable challenges and hindrances that are not just fun to decode and conquer but also forces you to ace your thinking, speed and decision making tactics.

Genieee is a powerhouse of artistic talents and out-of-the-box strategists who come together to design and code some of the best pieces of entertainment. The company’s R&D team rigorously analyses the market and experiments with the cutting-edge technology for tomorrow’s browser games, ensuring that the company continues to set trends in the future.

Their diverse portfolio of games is painted with many categories like Puzzle & Strategy Games, Action & Arcade Games, Educational & Sports Games and much more that caters to a wide audience. Keeping up with the pace of the changing demands and choices of the consumers, Genieee keeps an eagle-eye on the latest updates on the technology and market and comes up with the latest trend setters in its realm.

Being a Top Browser GameDevelopment Studios  Genieee strives to be a path-breaker and leader in delivering the best experience of the virtual reality. With their great flow of streamlined processes, exemplary management of each project, and an army of exceptional talents, Genieee offers the best resources to turn your idea into a concept and a concept into a virtual reality.

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Top Browser Game Development Studios

Top Browser Game Development Studios

As we all know browser base game are most demanding nowadays whether is for desktop or mobile.
Everybody want to play game games on multiple devices and browser game is the best option. Same time to find out best browser games developer is bit complicated task as each one need quality in best price. 

Genieee is one of the Top Browser Game Development Studios worldwide, more than 10 year of experience in providing best quality game development.

The company’s research and development department experiments with new technology for tomorrow’s browser games, ensuring that the company continues to set trends in the future. As working we have build games on many categories like Puzzle & Strategy Games, Action & Arcade Games, Educational & Sports Games and much more. 

We are using latest html5 technology which are more compatible to all kind of devices. Our expert team regularly do research on new technology try to provide best mobile browser games to our client.
to fulfill their requirement.

Being a Top Browser Game Development Studios we have done everything possible to streamline the development process and give you all the resources you need to get started, meaning there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Educational Game Development in HTML5 - Genieee

educational html5 games

Kids likes to play games and they enjoy it lots. And from this fun if kids learn something I think that would be the great idea. Nowadays learning from gaming and entertainment media is in boom and it will help student to learn new concept fast.

Math oriented, General Knowledge or any language learning base games will help student to learn all these subject just as a fun.

Our games development team well qualified to develop  re-defined the concept of dispensing high quality education to young minds. Smartphone and internet based education too caters to the preferences of young adults.

With Genieee, we help stakeholders in the education sector to scale up quickly to meet at these newer avenues so that the entire process of education remains as engaging in the face of shifting user preferences and shorter attention span.

Genieee has expertise in developing educational games by using advanced HTML5 techniques. Which can works all mobile and desktop.These games assist the users in experiencing simplified learning while retaining the excitement that the player would want. Working in tandem with the changing trends, Genieee makes gesture controlled games that are high on interactivity and more gripping. Genieee ensures that games deployed by us are compatible with different screen sizes across all mobile and tablet platforms.

How to make your business successful

How to run business

When people planning to start any business they prefer the business in which they are expert or have great knowledge, like carpenter start a furniture business, a barber start a barber shop, a account start charterer accountant office etc. but I think the person who don't have knowledge about that profession in that only he can do better business. As he more concentrate on business expansion and its running other than to increase expertise in that product only. He can hire expert person and manage productivity. Many successful business person follow the same rule other than taking whole control of production. Yes, he can monitor and suggest any loop hole and that also much to make any business successful.

The global truth is that selling and marking is main key of any business. If you are not have much expertise in your production but you have great command on selling your product definitely can do better business other than the well qualified competitor of same product.

As we know many backer shop can cook well pizza than McDonald but still McDonald doing great business globally and has great revenue than those who has well expertise in making pizza.

Selling of your product will not be big deal if we find out target audience, their needs, their expectation and demand. Once you find out these details lets concentrate on how to convince them to buy your product or add such stimulation that your product automatically come in their mind first. Advertising can play main role in that but I would suggest add your product in audience habits, like by taking their fear factor in granted or any current generation need. Many company use doctor advice kind of thing and in many cases it successful.

About marketing, online marketing can play main role like non-sale oriented blog writing which create more interest of audience and people like to read them, by this process you can advertise your product indirectly if you make direct appeal it will become boar idea and people don't like it. make your story systematically well plan.

I have read a book where given important of asset where we can invest and get money back. About my business ( as mobile entertainment market is in boom now days specially mobiles games. we can consider this also an option. From this business we can earn money from advertisement or in game purchases.

Choosing business which increase your revenue is totally depend on how you think about it. If you want to become expertise in all area of business your business will not run as smooth as it should be.
Better you concentrate on any one area and let others do their work.