HTML5 Game Development is experienced in original game development as well as porting existing games to different platforms for its clients.

We handle all aspects of game development and game programming services, from concept creation to game design and game programming. Our production team can also integrate with the client's project teams for partial delivery of projects. Several of our clients use our game programming or animation services as a missing element of their in-house production teams.

Besides game development our flash developers have delivered multiple custom flash applications, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), interactive web sites and widgets. We are proud to accumulate very professional flash and flex development team over the years and are ready to serve you and your project needs.

Our many clients use our game development to advertise their product. Some of the following reasons are helpful to attract the user: Games are interactive - Unlike traditional advertising methods, your audience doesn't just see your advert, and they interact with it. This makes your campaign much more memorable.

  • Games are fun - Your audience actually enjoys seeing your advert and interacting with it, unlike most other forms of advertising.
  • Games don't have a fixed lifespan - After the initial production and distribution, our Games continue to work for you over the longer term. Our games have been played by millions worldwide and continue to generate massive exposure for the brands, products and services they advertise.
  • Games are track able - We use industry leading in-built tracking in all our Games to allow you to measure the success of your campaign. You'll be able to log in and see who is interacting with your brand and how, including geographical locations, view durations, return visits, click-through, hosting sites and much more.
  • Games provide worldwide exposure - Games can be a great way to increase brand awareness outside your own country. We have an extensive database of worldwide websites that we can distribute your game to, ensuring your game has the best possible impact.
  • You don't need paid placements - Although it's possible to use them, paid placements aren't necessary. There are a huge number of worldwide community sites and online games portals in our database that will feature your game for free.
  • High click-through rate - As well as increasing brand awareness, Games provide much higher click-through rates than most other forms of online advertising. We've experienced click-through rates of over 10%, many times higher than the best performing banner ads.
  • Games can go viral - A great Game will not only get passed between individuals, it will spread amongst websites. Our Games often spread this way to games portals and blogs outside our distribution network, meaning extra exposure for the brands they advertise.

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